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About us

The keembo brand, typically African shoes

Choosing and wearing sandals should be fun. However, the reality is quite different. After hours of window-shopping and online shopping, you often end up with shoes that are no longer practical. They are sometimes difficult to put on and no longer suit your everyday look. The good news is that keembo has thought of you.

Where does the brand keembo come from?

Keembo was inspired by the history of Havaianas, a brand created in 1962 by São Paulo Alpargatas.

The challenge is to offer comfortable leather sandals that would be worn on all styles and occasions. Unlike ordinary sandals made of plastic, you don't have to wait for the summer to wear them. They are made to follow you every day and match your look perfectly. Thanks to our know-how and the expertise of our workers, we are able to shape the leather to give it originality. Its timeless character is felt through the durability of our sandals. There is no question of wasting your assets looking for shoes that will fit you and that will finally let you down very soon. 

No matter the season, keembo shoes are your allies. In cooler weather, they are so comfortable and fun to wear.  The keembo brand sandals serve as a windbreaker while keeping your feet warm.  During hot seasons, feet will not feel compressed.

Comfortable and durable shoes in an African style

Keembo is a brand of African shoes made of leather. With the aim of eradicating the discomfort caused by the use of rigid shoes, this brand has made it its mission to offer unique and comfortable sandals.  Keembo focuses on the originality and design of its models. Its sandals are pure African products: from the search for raw materials to the design. With an unbeatable quality-price ratio. It is in fact a luxury, but at a small price.

Perfection as a working method

The brand keembo wants to occupy a place of choice in the manufacture of shoes (made in Africa). And for that we do not spare any effort to offer quality products. Our sandals are designed in an artisanal way, each piece assembled is handmade to achieve a perfect result. Moreover, our craftsmen and shoemakers have years of experience in this field. Nothing is left to chance as we aim for perfection and excellence. Moreover, the raw material used is leather. Genuine leather that we take the trouble to inspect in great detail to see if it meets our requirements. We are constantly looking for ways to improve.  We also keep in mind that we must offer you evocative, practical and easy to handle sandals.